Job Search

Job Readiness Resources

Through WorkSource, customers have access to a myriad of job readiness resources. These include: developing a targeted and critiqued resume, learning new job search strategies, developing and honing interview skills, using social media advantageously during the job search, building essential computer skills for the workplace, and many more. Please see our current calendar of workshops and services for a complete list and description of products available.

Job Search and Employer Referrals

Customers can receive assistance with their job search.

Please see a skills team adviser for job search assistance.

iMatchSkills Specialized Job Matching Services

iMatchSkills is the State of Oregon’s online job matching system and provides the state’s largest pool of qualified candidates. Once customers enroll in WorkSource they can register and enter their skills into iMatchSkills. iMatchSkills will then match their skills to active job openings with the click of a mouse.

Employers can also greatly benefit from iMatchSkills by having a huge pool of qualified job seekers at their fingertips to fill their openings. Visit a WorkSource center near you to sign up for iMatchSkills.