Reentry Enhancement Coordination Program

Our objective is to assist individuals recently released from incarceration to obtain and maintain competitive employment.

Background Information

Multnomah Department of Community Justice is the lead on this project. The REC team is an interdisciplinary team that takes a coordinated approach to achieving successful outcomes for customers in the program.

Current Program Funding

This program is funded 100% by the department of Community Justice.

  • Access to education and job training (e.g., vocational skills training and On-the-job training (OJT) leveraged through the on-site American Job Center (One Stop).
  • Workforce preparation (workforce readiness training, job search support, bonding). Using Road to Success community modules that builds on concepts introduced pre-release but includes designing a job search, researching employers, networking, informational interviewing, and cold calling. The Roads to Success workshop is comprised of two distinct modules (inside and community. The inside modules are used during incarceration by DOC and the community version post-release in the community setting. Both modules are an evidenced based curriculum that was specifically developed to provide job readiness skill building to people with criminal backgrounds.
  • Mentoring (one-to-one mentors)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Aimed at reducing criminal thinking and improving decision making.
  • Alcohol and drug treatment groups

Outcomes and Success Rates

  • Employment Rate: 71%
  • Average wage: $10.25

Program Model

Elements currently in place to impact positive outcomes for REC customers:

  • Participant Flow: Continuous basis as they leave incarceration and are referred by the mentors or discussed in the weekly REC meeting
  • Pre-release work – Reach-ins’ into the institutions are conducted by mentors from Bridges to Change and Parole/Probation officers.
  • Coordinated case planning with parole/probation and mentors.
  • Road to Success transition curriculum (focused on employment and job search) that is available to communities around the state through Volunteers of America and DOC.
  • Cognitive behavioral programs. Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
  • WIA-funded American Job Centers (One Stop) to provide workforce development services and products to each customer, co-enrollment in WIA services, additional partners (including Oregon Employment Department, Job Corps, Goodwill etc.), leveraged resources, and wrap-around supports.