Re-entry Employment Workshops

Our objective is to deliver comprehensive employment workshops for individuals with criminal backgrounds.

Background Information

The Discover your Road to Success job club provides a daily platform for individuals with a criminal background to attend workshops until they become gainfully employed. Job listings are produced in easily accessible format for those lacking computer access. This workshop offers an arena for individuals with backgrounds to network, support each other and share resources and job leads. The workshop assists individuals to identify what technical skills may be required for jobs, interviewing, networking and researching employers.

The Resumes for Individuals with Criminal Backgrounds workshop is a workshop targeted to develop a skills-based resume.


  • Re-entry Employment Workshops are held 260 times through the program year: Discover your Roads to Success will be held four times a week at WSPM-SE in two cohorts: Monday-Wednesday and Tuesday-Thursday. Resumes for Individuals with Criminal Backgrounds will be held once a week.
  • Every individual who discloses involvement in the justice system at SE Works will be encouraged to attend the offered workshops, and case managers may require their participants to attend Discover your Roads to Success until employment has been secured.

Program Model

  • Road to Success transition curriculum (focused on employment, relationships, money management, housing) used throughout DOC institutions.
  • WIA-funded One Stop Centers to provide context, partners (including Oregon Employment Department, Job Corps, Goodwill Industries, etc.), leveraged resources, and wrap-around supports.
  • Success stories from past participants
  • Presentations by Employers offers increased learning potential, direct networking opportunity
  • Professional Atmosphere prepares job seekers to live the job search and utilize skills gained in the “real world”
  • Opportunity for attendees to engage in one-on-one services by meeting case managers and employment specialists, and demonstrating their follow-through and responsibility.
  • Information systems, including WorkSystems Inc. I-Trac.