Pre-Release Exit Program

Our objective is to work with incarcerated individuals 45 days pre-release in the Washington County Jail. This program will assist those to secure employment upon release.

Background Information

The program is the first of its kind in the state providing employment reintegration services pre-release.

Current Program Funding

The Pre-Release program is co-funded by WorkSystems, Inc. and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office through Oregon House Bill 3194.

Pre-Release services include:

  • Individualized Employment Coaching Services: including development of an employment plan, resume and master application while the individual is still incarcerated.
  • Employment Workshops: Discover Your Road to Success is a WSI funded regional workshop offered in the Washington County Jail on an ongoing basis and once a week at WSPM-BH for people with backgrounds. Built on the reentry experience of SE Works and its partners, the workshop focuses on overcoming specific barriers to employment posed by a criminal history. Resumes for Individuals with Criminal Backgrounds is a WSI funded regional workshop. It will be presented in the Washington County Jail. This workshop focuses on developing a resume and overcoming the obstacle of spotty work history and incarceration.
  • Job Development Services: The Pre-Release Employment Specialist works to develop strong, trusting relationships with the inmate to assist in transitioning them into employment. We build strong relationships with employers in the area while the participant is incarcerated, paving the way for employment upon release.

Outcomes and Success Rates

  • Enrollment: 40 individuals currently incarcerated in the Washington County Jail will be enrolled on a rolling basis
  • Placement Goal: 60% of participants gain and sustain employment for 90 days.
  • Recidivism: No more than 20% of participants will be convicted of new criminal activity.

Program Model

  • Road to Success transition curriculum (focused on employment, relationships, money management, housing) used throughout DOC institutions.
  • WIOA-funded One Stop Centers to provide context, partners (including Oregon Employment Department, Job Corps, Goodwill Industries, etc.), leveraged resources, and wrap-around supports.
  • Information systems, including I-Trac.