Department Of Community Justice Economic Opportunity Program

Our mission is to engage 120 individuals under supervision with the Multnomah County Justice Reinvestment Program and to aid them in obtaining career track employment.

Identified individuals are referred to a team of Career Coaches from SE Works, Human Solutions and Central City Concern. Each individual works with a Career Coach to engage or reengage in the workforce with the final goal of career track employment.

Background Information 

This program is based off of a Multi-Disciplinary Team model, the program brings WorkSystems, Inc., SE Works, and Bridges to Change, VOA InAct and the Multnomah County DCJ to the table to address the goals of House Bill 3194- the reduction of the prison population. These three organizations bring years of experience successfully working with reentry populations in recovery.

Current Program Funding

  • The DCJ EOP Program is co-funded by WorkSystems, Inc. and the Multnomah County Department of Community Justice.

Outcomes and Success Rates

  • Enrollment: 120 participants are to be served on a rolling basis, 40 by each Career Coach. As one participant gains and retains employment they are exited from the program and a new participant is enrolled within 14 days.
  • Attain Unsubsidized Employment: 70% attain employment
  • Attain Career-Track Employment: 60% attain employment goal identified in career and resource plan
  • Successful Retention: 60% of those who gain employment are employed for at least 90 days

Advancement in employment: 70% of those who gained employment as demonstrated by increase in earnings, wage or benefits.