Resources for Justice Involved Individuals

The Second Chance Month Proclamation Hearing at the Multnomah County Board Meeting April 18, 2019. Michelle Aguilar , Assistant Director, Multnomah County Department of Community Justice Linda Hastings, SE Works Justice Coordinator Monta Knudson, Executive Director Bridges to Change.

Our primary goal is to help integrate returning citizens back into the community by providing necessary tools, support and resources for success.

Located inside a One-Stop Service Center Worksource Portland Metro-SE (WSPM-SE) our reentry programs are designed to assist individuals with backgrounds to integrate back into the community.

 Our dedicated reentry team will help returning citizens:

  • Assess skills and work readiness
  • Work on removing barriers to employment
  • Develop an employment plan based on Career Mapping
  • Connect individuals to free workshops
  • Assist with training and support services
  • Provide follow up support


We deliver reentry employment services with respect, compassion and dignity to give individuals with backgrounds a second chance and a better tomorrow.


  • Offering workforce development opportunities that are: Person first
  • Choice based
  • Non-directive
  • Results Oriented


Respect: We value respect for each other and for our customers.

Honesty: We value honesty with each other and with our customers to assist with guidance and support.

Trust: We value trust and work to earn it with each other and with our customers.

Empathy: We seek to see the challenges that our customers face daily and act with empathy.

Compassion: We deliver our services in a compassionate manner and seek to understand “the why”.

Forgiveness: We value forgiveness and understand that each customer that we assist has served their time and that they need to move on with their lives.

Leadership: We value our collective impact as leaders with our work in reentry and serve as a model to staff, community and our customers.

Diversity: We value and respect diversity within our staff, our clients, and our community.

Collaboration: We believe that, in order to enhance public safety and to move the needle on poverty we need to collaborate with our justice partners, our sister agencies and our community.

Integrity: We act with integrity in our interactions with each other and with our customers.