Providing services to hundreds of businesses in the Tri-County area has been a focal point of SE Works since our inception in 1997. We have seen these services grow over the years as we have added partners on-site that provide additional services and benefits to local and regional businesses.

To fulfill its mission, SE Works is committed to providing a full range of business services. We assist employers by providing recruitment, screening, and retention services. This targeted approach enables SE Works to identify potential employee matches with employer required job skills and experience. Our role in this equation increases the likelihood of a good match and decreases the wait time to fill jobs. At the same time, we’re able to assist job seekers become more competitive by providing training and necessary supports. Our role in building this connection positively impacts employer revenue and increases availability of employment opportunities for residents of Multnomah and Washington Counties.

With an expert staff and an established reputation SE Works/WorkSource Portland Metro SE can customize these services and benefits to meet your workforce needs.

On-Site Recruitment

Planning to hire one or fifty we can offer you rooms and advertising of your event at no cost to you. Learn more ›

Post Your Positions

Partnering with the Oregon Employment Department we can have your positions posted in the iMatchSkills system and have account reps screen potential candidates following your instructions. Learn more ›

Job Fairs

Connecting candidates with business – we set up job fairs and invite job seekers to meet with local and regional businesses that are hiring. Learn more ›