Founded in 1997, SE Works is a registered 501(c)3 with an extensive history of successfully engaging multi-barriered, low income, underserved populations, including: at-risk youth involved in the justice system; unemployed adults; immigrants; people experiencing disabilities; and people returning from incarceration. We have a strong reputation in the community and among partner organizations for providing quality programs and creating an accessible environment that is responsive to our community’s needs and concerns.

With many years of experience, dedicated and experienced full-time employees and volunteers, SE Works has a proven track record in delivering diverse programming. We have managed a broad range of federal and non-federal contracts that support the mission of our organization.

In 2008, our work in the field of reentry garnered a Champions of Compassion Award from the White House and we are held up as a national leader in successful outcomes. Through our accredited Alternative School we have assisted hundreds of disadvantaged youth to obtain their GED and transition to college, thus breaking the cycle of poverty.