Resources for Ex-Offenders

Our primary goal is to help integrate returning citizens back into the community by providing necessary tools, support and resources for success.

Located inside a One-Stop Service Center Worksource Portland Metro-SE (WSPM-SE) our reentry programs are designed to assist individuals with backgrounds to integrate back into the community.

One of the most important things for anyone is to find stable employment with a living wage. SE Works assists individuals both pre- release and post release with employment placement, training, resumes, transportation assistance, supportive services, and referrals for housing, drug and alcohol services, case management, clothing and tools for work.

 Our dedicated reentry team will help returning citizens:

  • Assess skills and work readiness
  • Work on removing barriers to employment
  • Develop an employment plan based on Career Mapping
  • Connect individuals to free workshops
  • Assist with training and support services
  • Provide follow up support

We have programs for anyone who wants to make a change and embrace a pro social and crime free lifestyle.

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